Ghost Of Christmas Present

Let the "Ghost of Christmas Present" jokes begin now! I needed something creative to do a midnight when I couldn't sleep and ended up making this leafy head wreath with trimmings from a bush just out the back. I think it looks nice and festive with the little emerald dress, but when I put the coat on it definitely tipped things into the over-the-top range. Oh well. I am feeling the seasonal cheer and you can not bring me down! The head wreath would be fun to wear at Thanksgiving dinner, no?
P.S. My dress is a new piece courtesy of Cindy + Johnny. It's a wonderful knit perfect for the season. If you like the dress then use this discount code "CLOTHESHorse20" to get $20 off any order over $100. Code good today through December 25th.



  1. You look beautiful, and that holiday crown is wonderful!

    xox Sammi

  2. I wish I were as crafty as you! This is a cute headpiece. Love it!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  3. I love your bag!

  4. I love the dress! Do you happen to know the length? I can't find the length listed anywhere...

  5. @kathleen I happened to have my measuring tape on my table so I measured shoulder to hem, lying flat: 35" so that's my approximate measurement, but you can always contact the shop for their prob more accurate measurement.

  6. I love the black coat against the red brick behind. Beautiful photos!

  7. that crown is gorgeous!

    xx nikki

  8. @Kathleen, I'm the designer for Cindy + Johnny and the dress length is 35" like Rebecca said. Let us know if you have any other questions! :)

  9. love this look! emerald looks so lovely on you, and over the top looks are awesome! How is the fit of the coat? im really into it! i think we are fairly similar in size...did you get a small?

  10. Love your hair! The crown looks amazing.

  11. @larkspurvintage, yeah I have the small & it's a good fit (and the faux fur feels like a teddy bear, it's awesome). I would add I am 5'1" b/c people don't always realize that; the coat comes with a belt so it's got a fitted look/feel to it but theres room to wear bulky layers underneath if you want. :)


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