My Little Belleville

I can't get enough of the quirky cute creations in My Little Belleville. There's definitely a few unique gift ideas in here (tis the season) from radish-embellished gardening gloves to illustrated matchboxes which will work as perfect stocking stuffers or package toppings. Admittedly I'm admiring Michelle's creations mostly for myself--those mittens would look so cute with a variety of wintry outfits! Perhaps my favorite pieces in the shop though her historically inspired lover's eye jewelry. Hand-painted portraits of lover's eyes were popular in brooches and rings between the 1780s and 1830s. Many of the portraits weren't of husbands or wives, but rather subtle shows of loyalty to clandestine lovers. Michelle refreshes the art and you can snag a handpainted ring of a stranger's eye for a mere $65 or invest in a custom portrait eye ring of someone you love.


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