These shoes probably won't be seeing air time in the near future; I am not someone who came make it through a blustery fall day with bare toes! My feet are usually the coldest part of my body. But on a warmish day when I know I'll spend most of my time indoors it was fun to briefly wear these strappy heels which weren't too uncomfortable as far as heels go.
These pictures were taken in my grandmother's Coca-Cola filled basement. Since I know I'll be leaving the country next year I'm trying to make an effort to see various family members before the big move. It's difficult because everyone in my family is a bit scattered, barely anyone lives in the same state. Which also means in the future even when I do fly back to the States to see family I might not be able to squeeze everyone into a single visit. I really enjoyed my brief stints abroad when I was little, or later in college and over summers, but man completely moving your life overseas permanently is complicated!


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