I was supposed to spend Thanksgiving with my sister in Florida, but the day before my flight I got horribly sick and spent the next couple of days bedridden. I'm pretty bummed I missed out on a warm holiday, time with my sister, and wasted money on a plane ticket I couldn't use, but I'm glad to be feeling better now and I'll still have a Thanksgiving with family. I recently shared a number of these sentiments on Instagram (more specific to Thomas) but it is fitting today to remember despite disappointments and temporary poor health I have so much to be thankful for. In college I didn't have a car and my family was too long distance to make it home for smaller holidays (like Thanksgiving or Easter), so I've spent a few lonely holidays wandering being the odd man out at friends' family gatherings and wandering around an empty campus--so I appreciate the time I will share with family today knowing how empty I felt on holidays without them. Even a brief illness is a reminder that I usually have my health.



  1. Wow. Thank you for your words. I really needed them.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I was also this person on campus at uni. I remember being the last person still there over christmas and it was like a ghost town! Anyway I digress, these photos are stunning and you look beautiful, glad to hear you're feeling better!


  3. Being away from home can be tough, and reading what you wrote makes me feel grateful that I am going home soon to reunite with my family after studying abroad for 4 months.

    Love the pop of colour on your outfit! :D

  4. Looks so much like a fire in the last shot!

  5. love that scarf!
    xx nikki


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