I was supposed to spend Thanksgiving with my sister in Florida, but the day before my flight I got horribly sick and spent the next couple of days bedridden. I'm pretty bummed I missed out on a warm holiday, time with my sister, and wasted money on a plane ticket I couldn't use, but I'm glad to be feeling better now and I'll still have a Thanksgiving with family. I recently shared a number of these sentiments on Instagram (more specific to Thomas) but it is fitting today to remember despite disappointments and temporary poor health I have so much to be thankful for. In college I didn't have a car and my family was too long distance to make it home for smaller holidays (like Thanksgiving or Easter), so I've spent a few lonely holidays wandering being the odd man out at friends' family gatherings and wandering around an empty campus--so I appreciate the time I will share with family today knowing how empty I felt on holidays without them. Even a brief illness is a reminder that I usually have my health.


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