The Scarlet Pimpernel

I went through a cape phase a few years ago before moving on to more practical outwear choices. Although I know they are impractical (your arms get cold, there's almost no type of purse you can carry without looking awkward) I'm having a cape moment again. I just like the look so much. It's dramatic and makes you feel like a fashion-y superhero. After all the first written hero with a secret identity started as a mere fop before he became an expert swordsmen (The Scarlet Pimpernel by Emma Orczy). So fashion and being a superhero go completely hand-in-hand. First step: cape. Second step: master some heroic skill or fall into a tub of toxic waste and come out awesome...

Outfit details:
Jeffrey Campbell heels (old)
*pictures by my sister



  1. Wow! I love this outfit! Your dress and tights are fantastic! I have the same issue with capes, but I can't help but love them now and again anyway. They're just so gosh darned cute. And I love the superhero aspect you bring into it.

  2. I love your cape!I was looking for one in that colour for ages and finally found one in a vintage to see that it was huge and at least five sizes too big.I do have a houndstooth type one though which I love. xx

  3. I love the milk braids hairstyle on you! I always try it, but never quite looks right. So cute!! :)

    New Darlings

  4. Capes may be impractical but they are also undeniably cute when worn in the right way - and you've definitely aced it (as per usual). Lovely! :)

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer // Bloglovin'

  5. That damned elusive Pimpernel! Haha, I love that book very much, I have a severe crush on the main character.

    Anyways, that cape is darling! I love the color and the buttons.

  6. Capes are so amazing though! They so effortlessly make an outfit! Probably more of a Spring, early Autumn thing so you don't freeze your arms off! :)
    Love the hair and shoes as well!

  7. I think capes are the perfect extra layer if you can find a coat that layers well under it. I have a fleece one from American Apparel and I've been wearing it almost every day in this late fall weather. It's the best - like wearing a blanket everywhere I go. - Leah

  8. I love this outfit so much! I am with you on capes; I've started to love them again, but the purse issue... oh well. Currently my purse isn't a shoulder bag anyway.

  9. I love when you do your hair like this! The cape is super cute :)

  10. OMG! You look adorable. Love the outfit, and those cape, OMG! Love it!
    You rock it girl!

    Karen @

  11. If given 5 years ago, I wouldn't have been brave enough to wear a cape on the street, but all things has change I care lesser of what others thing so bring in on superhero-attire.

    Your camel colour double button cape however looks sweet and wearable. I'll definitely go miles with it. Oh, and not forgetting your matching Jeffery Campbell heels. They look pretty.

  12. i love that sweater!

    xx nikki


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