Unique Bridesmaids Gifts On A Budget

After browsing Etsy looking for bridesmaids gifts and realizing one of my bridesmaids was allergic to certain metals, I realized I needed to get creative with my bridesmaids gifts. I browsed the web some for gift guides in this area but mostly found things were rather cheesy (monogrammed everything) or overpriced. So I stopped looking at other people's suggestions and went back to my roots--things I like, things that I hope my bridesmaids will enjoy keeping (maybe using), and are reasonably priced since I need to get multiples. I don't need their gifts to scream "my wedding!" I'd rather give them things I hope will remind them of me, but they'll also genuinely enjoying having. So here's my bridesmaids gift ideas:
decorative matchboxes: get their favorite book or a constellation one for the Astronomy buff, and add a sparkler or two to the little package

flower crowns: I like flower crowns that look as natural as possible, by making them from dried flowers they're beautifully natural and longer lasting than fresh ones

quirky tote bags: they might be bridesmaids, but everyone likes beards

bobby pins: that tell them how you really feel

shiny nail wraps: for the wedding or whenever they want to look a little sparkly



  1. What I did for my bridesmaid was I got a travel size perfume and lotion from Bath and Body Works so that the wedding would have a "signature scent". I also got them their favorite candy.

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  3. Do your bridesmaids like profanity? If that's the kind of thing that would make them laugh, you might want to check out this Etsy store full of organic skin care products with an in-your-face twist: Badgerface Beauty Supply.

  4. I think you should make each one a special pen and ink drawing of the cute little things that you draw. You could make it unique for each person. You could include "wedding thingies" in your drawing or not. Then inscribe the date of your wedding on it, sign it and that would be something that would be forever special to each one. Put the drawing in a little black frame and that would be something they could treasure the rest of their lives. These would be easily portable or easily shipped to Ireland.

  5. I gave tote bags to my bridesmaids! It was fun to pick out different designs to suit their personalities.

  6. i love these ideas! this is something that has been on my mind lately as well!

    xx nikki


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