2014 Recap: Oh The Places You'll Go

While I didn't visit any new countries in 2014, I did go on a number of lovely trips as I flitted around the states and over to Northern Ireland to see Thomas. I'm pretty excited to see where we'll go together in the future and what new-to-me areas of Ireland he has in mind to explore. Even just a day trip up to the Mourne mountains for a change of pace and the experience of an old Irish cottage was absolutely charming. I'm hoping that Thomas and I will be able to put together a few guides for people interested in visiting Ireland in the future--there's still a lot for me to experience but since he is a local he should be able to write a good one!

For my birthday Thomas booked us a trip to the Aran Isles; we went in May just as the weather was starting to warm up which make it perfect for hiking and bicycling around. We stayed on Inishmor and visited Inisheer another day, both criss-crossed with those beautiful and distinctive rock walls. We bought some famous Aran knits and I think of our visit every time I wear my hat. 

After visiting Thomas in Northern Ireland I hopped over to London to see my sister who was in town for a conference. It had been a few years since I had seen the city and we had a good time visiting museums and seeing the sights. A lot more bustle than I usually like, but you can't beat the convenience of a city for things to do and places to eat!
In October Thomas and I joined the leaf-peepers in Vermont. It was a beautiful two weeks enjoying the scenic small towns and fall colors. It was really lovely and the older I get the more I like rural areas, so I could definitely see myself going back here one day--maybe even living in the state!


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