Outfit: Family Affairs Holiday Treat

Since stumbling across Nina's designs back in 2008, Family Affairs has become one of my favorite independent fashion labels. It's pretty amazing comparing my life and aspirations back then compared to now and I can say I've been to New York, hung out with Nina in her studio, and own a handful of her beautiful designs. On the rare occasion you can go from being a distant fan to something more personal (and it mostly takes tenacity). Buying from small designers can be a financial investment, but every year Nina offers many of her pieces at huge discounts as holiday treat. Today my favorite piece from Fall 2014, the Maeve dress, is discounted--regularly priced at $325 today you can get it for $160. Quite the holiday treat!
I took these pictures a couple of days ago when it was rainy and overcast--that's actually my favorite time to get pictures because I like the soft light and no one was around. This spot was completely empty. I keep hoping we'll get enough snow for it to really stick so I can come here and take some photographs Anna Karenina-style; beside the tracks of course, not across them...



  1. Love the dress and the railway station as a setting! xx

  2. Such pretty pictures! I love your outfit, too. The blues and browns here are just gorgeous together. And it would be so amazing to get pictures in the snow there! I LOVE snow pictures.

  3. Oh I love this outfit so much - especially the gloves! Lovely photos. - Tasha xxx

  4. That cape is really fabulous. I love that style, it keep you nice and toasty, but still lets you move and doesn't totally obscure your shape. And this settin is perfect. Hard to believe it's December, looking at these photos.

  5. Beautiful photos! This is such a pretty outfit!


  6. Nice look, so beautiful.

  7. I really like Nina's designs as well, but as you wrote, they are quite investments (which is not bad, of course, because they are quality) and that's the reason why I'm still convincing myself to buy something from the shop :D.
    Anna Karenina style would be amazing, so I keep crossed my fingers for some snow :)!

  8. Beautiful photo shoot - and as a doggy lover, I'm drooling at the name on that railroad station!

  9. gorgeous photos!

    xx nikki


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