Outfit: Like Smoke Before The Flames

I found this cute little smokehouse in a public park near me--which by the way is where I take most of my pictures: public parks. I like secluded spots with unkempt nature, but don't want to trespass through stranger's fields. Anyway, I was immediately drawn to the cute dark wood walls but I became quite enamored with it when I saw the little hearts someone had chalked onto the side. It's little finds like these that keep me exploring new places. It's not a secret castle hiding in the woods, but it has it's own special charm.
Also I didn't realize until I got home and started to edit my pictures that I had lipstick on my teeth! Ha! One of the pitfalls of going off on your own and taking your own pictures is no one is around to say something when you look like a goof. I definitely had to nix all the open-mouth smiling pictures at the camera where it was most obvious!


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