Have you seen the movie Populaire? It's not the most amazing film in the world and at times I found the romantic angle less than ideal, but visually it's a knock-out. Set in the 1950s it features stunning costume design and bold, colorful sets. Point being: today is a very Populaire inspired outfit for me--down to my new typewriter brooch! I'm a sucker for fifties style dresses especially with prim little collars like this one.

Outfit details:
old coat
Jeffrey Campbell loafers (old)


Sammi said...

I totally agree with you on Populaire -- the content of the movie isn't perfect, but it's visually-wonderful! That dress is so pretty, and I adore that typewriter brooch!

xox Sammi

Erin Cathleen said...

That typewriter brooch is to die for!

Rachel said...

I'd love to get this dress - i'm just really nervous about how sheinside sizing works! any tips? your outfit is super lovely :)

Elizabeth Murdock said...

I love your brooch!I'm slightly obsessed with type writers and think your brooch is adorable! xx

Lonka said...

cute dress!

Sarah Bee said...
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Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Rachel Sheinside tends to run small--most notably in hem length--dresses or skirts are short! I'd also say the smalls (when that is the smallest size) tends to fit more like an xs. Hope that helps!

Sarah Bee said...

I've been a big fan of this blog, gosh, going on years now. I came across it going into my freshman year of college, and I graduated last spring. I always like to stop by when I remember and see what new things you're wearing--they're always adorable, and the color combinations are fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration over the years!



Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous dress and that brooch is stunning!!!


Eccentric Owl said...

This outfit is just perfect! I especially adore the brooch; I'm a sucker for quirky brooches!

Alexandra Marie said...

I love this outfit and your hair looks SO cute! Alex


Gláucia said...

Rebecca, Hi!
I'm writing from Brasil and I guess we share a passion for dresses. I love your blog.


Jessica said...

I love Populaire! You're right that the plot isn't anything to write home about, but the style of the whole thing is really fun, like cotton candy flavored bubble gum. I love this dress, and collar detail is really fabulous.

Nikki Williams said...

the print on that dress is gorgeous!

xx nikki

Truly Madly Deeply Fashion said...

You look beautiful as always Rebecca and I love the way you've styled this outfit and really made it your own! I agree with you about Populaire, I was so excited to see it, but the portrayal of gender roles was so disappointing! Your typewriter brooch is wonderfully whimsical and fun.

I love reading your blog and it always lifts my spirits. You're a real artist in all you do, and it inspires me to see what you're doing creatively. Reading your blog inspired me to start my own blogging journey, and to stop setting limits on my creativity. So I'm thankful to you for that, and look forward to seeing what you do next!

Best wishes from London,

Saba -x-


Carla Thompson said...

I love this dress! MUST HAVE! And you look lovely as always. Hope I can find a size that will fit because sheinside runs smalls!


Megan said...

I love everything about this outfit!

Mariah Alysz said...

This dress/coat combo is such a perfect match it's insane! Love, love, love it!
<3 Mariah Alysz
Rya Pie