Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Today I'm wearing a pretty brocade dress. Beautiful black and gold fabric, sweet little shape--perfect for holiday parties. But it's the middle of the day and absolutely frigid outside so you can barely see my dress under the sweater and jacket I layered on top. Underneath I have a tank top and slip, multiple pairs of tights, and a set of socks for extra warmth. Even so I wish I had a scarf! That's the thing about bitterly cold but bright days--they barely look brisk in pictures! The biggest indication is my rosy cheeks; no blush necessary on winter days. Anyway, tis the season to wear pretty dresses even if they end up buried under a pile of cozy layers. Yes there will be festive occasions this season, but I'm not saving my pretty dresses for a couple of evenings and hiding them in the closet the rest of the year!

Outfit details:


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