Outfit: Heroine Chic

The way Thomas took these pictures in the dramatic light and interesting angles makes me feel a bit like a Hitchcock heroine. Which, fun fact: one of the names I brainstormed for my blog before I started blogging was "Heroine Chic." I thought it would be a fun play on my love of strong female characters, Hitchcock movies, and retro, chic style. Of course, my new cozy coat reminds me more of strawberry milkshakes than anything remotely insidious.



  1. your coat is so cute and the pictures are very 60's, the lighting is so cool


  2. Gorgeous pictures and your look!

  3. This shoot is absolutely perfection! The colors, angles, shadows... ahhh!


  4. Ooo, the colors and lighting here are all really neat! Pink + red hair = amazingness.

  5. These photos are so stunning, and I love this Kling coat! <3

    xox Sammi

  6. Love, love the photos you very much look like a heroine. I think you might look like a heroine (Lois Lane) from the 1950s minus being tied up to a chair or railway tracks like in the "Adventures of Superman". Question; do you think that the Alfred Hitchcock's heroines is an anti-feminist character. I find it sort of demeans us in some way. They always seem to be needing a man to save them, just like in some of the "Nancy Drew Mysterys". I hope you don't find this argumentative. Its just something I observed from watching the old detective or mystery films.

  7. Ah, this look is so cool! The photography is fantastic and you look darling in this retro ensemble! And yay to supporting strong female roles - we need more of those incredible women to look up to! I'm even having a hard time thinking of one now, aside from real-life women (one of my faves is Nellie McClung).

  8. ...aand a bird on the window, perfect Hithcock Heroine! :)

  9. This post definitely makes you look like a character in a Hitchcock film. I just love the colors and lighting in all of these pictures.Thomas did an amazing job! I'm also super sad that those shoes are no longer available because they are extremely gorgeous.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  10. this outfit is gorgeous! love that coat!

    xx nikki

  11. The pink color looks amazing with your hair color!!


  12. Love these photos so much and the outfit is the cutest! <3

    Andini xx
    Adventures of an Anglophile

  13. Pink perfection! I love that you've gone all matchy-matchy with the same shade for your whole outfit!

  14. @Anonymous, So I only have my opinion about how I view the characters in Hitchcock's films and there will obviously be other interpretations by other people. One thing to note is that the "good" female characters might need to be saved by the male protagonist but the power of the "bad" female characters is almost unlimited. Like in Rebecca, the character Rebecca is dead but still wreaking havoc. And I think of Grace Kelly in Rear Window while she desired some more traditional trappings (wife and all) she was also an insistent conspirator with Jimmy Stewart--she demanded to be involved in his investigations and put herself in harms way. I guess it's just the way Hitchcock's female leads weren't passive that I admire; things might not have always gone well for them but they were often inquisitive and active.
    For me in the end I look at vintage films through the lens of the time they were made. I mean many modern films are hardly more feminist but vintage films at least have the excuse of being made in a less empowered and educated time--what is the excuse for directors today? I think it's also a little unfair to look at suspense films and say Hitchcock liked to make his female leads suffer...when the point of a suspense (or modern horror) is to scare and make us wince and bite our nails.
    But I haven't seen every film by Hitchcock and I think if others see a different, less flattering interpretation of his female leads then there's a validity to those insights.

  15. I didn't found a video where you talk about which setting you use de talk self portraits. I saw you're videos about which camera, where, you're tripod ect but I'm wondering how you do the focus on a place where you're not...
    I hope you understand me because I'm french but I really wanted to ask you because i love you're blog and photos !
    bisous haha ♥

  16. Obsessed with everything about this, from the photo quality/sunny disposition to your fabulous coat and shoes. Seriously though, i'm OBSESSED with those shoes.
    xx Sarah

  17. @The Helalogy I don't have a video about focusing, but I have written a blog post about how to focus your camera for self-timer shots: http://theclothes.blogspot.com/2014/02/photo-tip-tuesday-getting-settings-right.html

  18. I really love that dress! Backless details like that are always so subtly sexy, and the sweet pink color just makes it seem even more subversive. This outfit (and the Hitchcockian photography) are giving me life today.
    Jessica, zellamaybe.com

  19. Super cute outfit! <3

  20. you look amazing, i love your coat

  21. These photos are stunning! Everything matches so perfectly. I love seeing your posts and the way you often create such strong themes. It's crazy to think how many years I've been following your blog now. Can't wait to see what else you create this year!


  22. at first i thought you were posting inspiration pics. very cool shots indeed.

    love those sunglasses!!

  23. I did think right away of the Hitchcock blondes when I saw your first photo, before reading your words! - in fact, I could see the old time Photoplay article in my mind's eye: "Hitchcock moves beyond blondes in his next picture" ...

    And thank you! bless you! for giving me a far better image in my mind when I hear the phrase "heroine chic"!

  24. I actually started blogging in late December using the Heroine Chic name and just came across this! Great minds think alike.

    Cat Hokin


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