Outfit: Stir Crazy

I don't like to let the weather keep me from getting outside. A little rain? I'll wear a hat or bring an umbrella. A little snow? Just bundle up and wear cozy boots. My family moved to Washington State when I was in Elementary school and that year the area we lived in set a record for consecutive days of rainfall. We still had our recesses outdoors though! You'd go stir crazy if you waited for "nice" days to go outside.

Outfit details:
thrifted skirt
*pictures by Thomas


Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous sweater!


Itsallabout Sonia said...

your outfit is stunning. love you jumper gorgeous

allyson ellis said...

Love the colours in this outfit.it's.
It's a good thing you are used to rain, we get a lot in Britain ; and yes,if you waited for a good day you would never leave the house!

Elizabeth Murdock said...

I love your jumper,it's perfect! xx

Winnie said...

What a perfect outfit Rebecca, I think you look really lovely here. I adore the colour of your jumper (it's so perfect with your hair) and those boots are such a great style!

Rachel Dahl said...

I even try to do some yoga outside here in the east coast whenever I can! Although sometimes with thick snow, I could only do standing poses (aka mountain pose). Hehe.

Ugly weather makes most people not want to dress up, but why not do the opposite to liven up your day, right? :) Love the mustard colors! Makes me think the day was sunny!


Eden Mint said...

Such a cute outfit for winter. I love the colour combination and booties!


Nikki Williams said...

the colors in these photos are so pretty!

xx nikki

Vanessa said...

Wonderful outfit!

Joy Shiness said...

Lovely outfit !


Kathryn said...

I love the warm tones of this outfit. And how happy you look - you're smiling with your eyes!

xx Kathryn

Bronwyn said...

i love your hair in these photos!


Sora said...

Beautiful outfit as usual :3 I love the sweater and also the location!

Vicki said...

I love your sweater! The color is perfect. These photos are so lovely as well. :) I've been trying to not let the rain keep me from staying outside--as someone who lives in Washington, I suppose I should get used to the consistent drizzle. Last week my boyfriend and I hiked around the forest in a mist of rain, and it was actually pretty fun. :)

Vicki Grace