Outfit: Stripes

It's pretty typical that I would wear a more slim-fitting dress and then completely hide it under a jacket! Bodycon is just not my comfortzone. But I love the versatility of pieces like this because even if I don't end up wearing it as a dress often it's fitted and short enough for me to throw a skirt on top. Striped tops are always in.
P.S. My little radio purse (which actually does contain functioning speakers!) has been popping up on my blog pretty regularly since I got and Chictopia chose one of my photographs featuring the purse for their new Chictopia Connect page. It's a platform to connect bloggers and brands and you might see my face if you check it out.

Outfit details:
old varsity jacket
old gloves
*pictures by Thomas



  1. gorgeous! love your purse!


  2. Absolutely loved this post! I just adore your blog! :)


  3. that's such a cute bag, especially since it works as speakers. I, too. am not that comfortable in bodycon but I'm trying to branch out. it's a good idea to wear a skirt over it, I may try that!


  4. You look so pretty in stripes! And congratulations!

  5. Very cute dress. I like the asymmetrical hem, it brings a lot of interest to a piece that would be very classic otherwise. And congratulations on being chosen! What a great way to bring more eyes to your blog.
    Zella Maybe

  6. Lovely dress! I own a similar one and I never though about wearing a skirt over it! I am not very comfortable in bodycon either, so it's nice to see new ways to style dresses and the like so I am more confident in them! x
    Have a great week!

    Extraneous Melodies by Emily Bee

  7. Lovely outfit, I love stripes too! I'm not a bodycon dress gal myself, I don't feel that it flatters my body shape at all haha. But I always love the way it looks on other people ^_^;

  8. love the stripes!!

    xx nikki


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