Beauty: Easy Heart Nail DIY

So here's a cute little nail art DIY just in time for Valentine's Day. I always dislike nail tutorials that involve small details or shapes and the tutorial basically says "paint the shape." Tiny shapes in nail polish are so tricky, especially when you have to switch to the opposite hand and paint with your less dominant one! Thankfully I discovered one trick that will make hearts at least a bit easier to paint--washi tape stencil.
-scissors, washi tape, red nail polish, clear nail polish
How to:
-fold tape in half and cut small hearts out (same way you'd cut hearts in construction paper)
-apply tape to nails, press firmly
-use your red nail polish to fill in the hearts
-peel off the washi tape while the red nail polish is still wet
-allow the red to fully dry and then paint clear polish on top
That's it! You can also try different color combinations, start with your nails already painted a color and add different tone or metallic hearts on top. 


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