Outfit: How To Be A Heartbreaker

Have you heard the Marina and the Diamonds song "How to be a Heartbreaker"? I must admit I'm a little late to the game, but quite addicted to the song. Stuck in my head right now are the lyrics "wear your heart on your cheek/but never on your sleeve;" which seems fitting since I'm wearing my heart on my tights. Even though they're not on my cheek hopefully this doesn't disqualify me from being a bonafide heartbreaker--you have to have goals!
Afterall my romantic pre-Valentine's Day looks this week I return to my more typical style, although I'm obviously still feeling the soppy vibes! A simple red dress (I can never own enough) and quirky accessories; it's the sort of outfit I never get tired of. My super old clutch was appropriately on theme and cat flats a lot more pratical than some of the heels I've been running around in this week. Now I'm off to enjoy the weekend.

Outfit details:
Sheinside dress (sold out, similar)
old clutch
*pictures by Thomas


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