Outfit: It's My Birthday

While birthdays become less of a thing as you get older there's no point in pretending they aren't happening! I actually attempted to skip my birthday one year in college and was only made depressed by my lack of cake after various members of my family called me to inquire how my birthday was going and if I was eating cake. I don't even know if I'll be eating cake today (my favorite chip and curry seems more likely), but I do know I get to spend it with Thomas for once. I'm also wearing my favorite outfit right now--as much as I liked the look of this dress online I love the feel of it even more. The fabric is actually quite heavy and thick, but that's what makes it so perfect for a winter dress and the silly cuffs make me feel a bit like Pierrot. Anyway, cheers to getting better with age and if you're wondering, I'm officially 28 today.


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