Put A Brooch On It

clockwise from top: typewriter brooch, inherited butterfly, vintage carousel horse, shrimp (old ASOS), Ban.do sequin heart brooch, vintage bear, vintage grapes, portrait brooch made by a friend, vintage sword
Why not wear all your brooches at once? Even if you only wear one or two they are a nice way to jazz up your winter coat. Brooches tend to be considered a bit old-fashioned, but don't cool shapes and colors counteract the dated connotations? My favorites are a vintage sword and quirky sparkly shrimp--hardly what you picture a grandmother wearing. They're also fun on jean jackets in summer and less permanent than patches.
Brooches on coats not your thing? Here are a few other ways to wear them:
-pin one on your favorite hat (especially berets!)
-pin a brooch at the waistband of a skirt or dress to accent your waist (like I did in this outfit post)
-put a brooch on your favorite headband or scarf to wear in your hair


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