Le Vero Beauty Parlour Kickstarter

I seem to be all about the hair accessories lately. I'm trying new ways to wear bows in my hair (new for me anyway) and loving headbands now more than I ever did when I had a pixie cut. Maybe that's because I didn't know about Le Vero Tokyo when I was pixie! Inspired by girls in glasses and hashtags the new Le Vero collection is seriously fun and pretty much perfect in our social media flooded world. As a blogger the "#follow" headband is only too perfect. If you like the way they look and want one of your own consider backing their Kickstarter!

Thomas helped me shoot the little video above dancing and playing around in my new headbands (I'm looking forward to his help with more videos in the future!). The colors in it are a small homage to Godard's A Woman Is A Woman


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