Outfit: Abandoned House in Northern Ireland

Shooting in abandoned houses will always come with stories attached to them--it's part of the adventure. One of my final excursions with friends in Pennsylvania involved exploring an abandoned mansion. We had to climb a 7 foot fence to get on the property and got freaked out by a dog (which ended up being on a chain) and wandering around the outside of the enormous building before walking away without ever going inside. I do hope to peek inside that mansion one day...Today's abandoned home is much humbler, but perhaps in the end equally interesting. With a few bare pieces of furniture left behind by previous owners, a storm brewing outside, and squirrels running around in the attic, it definitely had an eerie feel. It was still quite beautiful though with some walls fading to a soft teal shade and others covered in peeling pink layers and determined vines of ivy forcing their way through windows and along the walls. Although it requires more effort and perhaps some climbing through windows or over fences, I would like to explore more abandoned places in Northern Ireland or wherever I might end up wandering.

Outfit details:
old cardigan
vintage boots
*pictures by Thomas


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