Outfit: Be Wine

I, like most of the East Coast, can not stop complaining about the weather. A few briefly warm days and then a night and morning of snow flurries and brisk temperatures bely the fact it is officially spring. There's no point in beating a dead horse, but yeah this outfit is quite appropriate because I want some comfort food/drinks and this whole outfit feels similar to pajamas--as in I don't want to get dressed and go outside, but rather indulge my more hermit-like tendencies right now. But get dressed and go out I must--I've got packages to ship and new items to list and get my car inspected and finish filing my taxes and a dozen other things to do. These days the to-do list seems unending.



  1. I love absolutely everything about this outfit, it seems so cozy!
    Also, I loved your 3 ways to wear a hair bow, I'm never have the courage to do anything with my hair! So I admire that you always try new things!
    Could you write a post about discovering your personal style, whenever you get a chance?

  2. @mentinfusion, I've actually written several posts about developing personal style (here, here, and here), but I'm always open to writing more if there's any area in those that seems lacking or specific questions people have.

  3. I adore that backpack-so cute and so functional! Lovely post!
    xo Kiki

  4. Oh man, I feel you on the weather. I mean, I grew up on the east coast so I can understand (although in southern CA right now, so no cause for complaints). Hang in there! It will be spring soon! Also, love the outfit and everything about your blog. :-)

  5. I love this outfit! This would definately suit sydney, australia as it slowly goes into winter and becomes cooler! Your coat is so warm looking! Loving your pigtails also!

  6. that jacket is amazinggg!

    xx nikki


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