Outfit: I Am A Poem

I was pretty over the moon when I saw this Miss Patina sweater with it's cursive ribbon spelling out "I am a poem." That phrase is one I've considered getting tattoed on my upper arm before. I find poems so beautiful and inspiring and if you can remind yourself that your breathing, living body is also a form of poetry than what better body and self acceptance can there be? Self acceptance is another reason I'll defend selfies until I'm blue in the face. People seem more concerned about the so-called "selfie generation" and illusions of narcissism than they are about the number of girls today with body hate. The last thing I'm worried about is girls loving themselves too much.
Anyway, the sweater (which also comes in baby blue) could easily become a favorite. I wore it slightly slouchy here over my skirt, but I could see it tucked in to a more dramatic skirt or even paired with my favorite black jeans. Which means I can indefinitely delay that arm tattoo!

Outfit details:
old tights
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Oh my gosh! Such a darling outfit. I love love your sweater, it's so cute! I wore something like this the other day, the patterned tights, cute black skirt, heels... I really like this...your outfit is awesome. :-)

  2. love those tights! and all of the turquoise is amazing!

    xx nikki

  3. Love that purse and your stockings, great look!


  4. I love that phrase! You styled the sweater so well x


  5. The sweater si so cute :)

  6. I'm looking at getting this sweater but is the writing off center like it looks on their website? And how is the viscose weight?

  7. @coffeeartjudy, I don't know if it's perfectly centered, but the words aren't lopsided on me. They look central enough. It's not the warmest sweater, but it has enough weight to hang nicely--I don't know the technical amount. Hope that helps.

  8. Thank God for our other halves, who take our outfit photographs come rain or shine. Thomas has such a wonderful skill of capturing you, beautiful as always. I love the detail of the tights, it adds drama to a simple (but wonderful) outfit x

  9. Beautiful, as always! Looking forward to more Ireland and all the places you discover!

  10. love that look, so cute <3


  11. I love the turquoise accent in the images with your red hair looks great!


  12. I NEED this sweater in my life!!

  13. Thank you so much for responding! I just ordered it and am so excited for it to cross the pond! I am a poet so it's perfect 😊 I hope it looks half as amazing on me as it does on you!!

  14. this sweater is everything. lovely as usual!

  15. Adorable! :D That's such a cute sweater, love the outfit ideas. I find a cute, comfy sweater and suddenly I'm finding half a dozen ways to wear it...


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