Outfit: Spring Layers

I've been quite the stress-puppy lately. I think of myself as a planner and never feel completely relaxed if there are things I can't control/plan. Yet even as I think about how much I enjoy knowing every detail of what's to come and having my ducks in a row--the best things that have happened in my life have been unplanned. I remember a trip in college with a friend where we booked tickets but didn't plan a single sight to see and had the best time wandering a new city and getting tips on where to go from locals and other visitors like ourselves. Even moving to Pennsylvania; I thought I'd go for the summer and see how things were in the fall and ended up staying for three years! And now of course there's Thomas...A little back story on how we met: Thomas had met one of my housemates in Northern Ireland years ago when she studied there. So, when Thomas's team was coming to Pennsylvania to film my friend approached the rest of the housemates and asked if we minded some Northern Irish house guests for around a month. I never said "no" but I did let her know I was a little nervous about sharing our home with strangers for a whole month...then one of them ended up being Thomas and the rest is history. And yes, she still teases me about how I *almost* didn't meet Thomas! I guess the whole point is: I shouldn't worry about being uncomfortable or not knowing exactly what is going to happen because that usually leads to good things. Life can be a pleasant surprise.

Outfit details:
old belt
oxfords (similar)
*pictures by my dad!



  1. I love everything about this outfit. That Miss Patina blouse looks so beautiful under that dress, and gives your outfit such a romantic vibe.

    I'm definitely the same when it comes to planning. However, I've learned that it's necessary to just go with the flow from time to time. Also, it's so wonderful hearing about how you and Thomas met; you two seem like such a wonderful couple.

    Sweet Helen Grace

  2. The dress is so cute! Love the print.

  3. I guess everyone in your family is a great photographer! great job, Dad! And I loved the story of how you met Thomas!

  4. love that print!

    xx nikki

  5. I am very much like you - I feel so much more comfortable when things are planned ahead. I get quite nervous when I don't know what to expect next. But like you said, life is full of surprises indeed, and lots of great things do happen whether we know the future or not.

    By the way, I knew your fiancé was such a great photographer but hey, your dad's excellent at taking photos. :) Perhaps that's because they have a good model like you! ;)

  6. You look gorgeous!!! Love this look!

  7. Often when I read your more personal posts, I see a bit of myself in them. I'm the same way, a planner, and don't like when I can't control things. But you are totally right, sometimes the unexpected and the unplanned turns out to be the best, if you can just learn to let go.


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