Outfit: Woodland

This dress was more midi-length when it arrived and I lopped a few inches off the hem to make it a mini. As attracted as I occasionally am to midi skirts and dresses I inevitably feel more comfortable in mini skirts, partly because I feel they give me the illusion of being taller than I am. The hem ended up coming in handy since I used it to make a couple of quick headbands which took me back to my college days--nights up late watching Brigitte Bardot movies then tearing up old dresses to make headbands and imitate her look. I need to find more movies that inspire me to take immediate style action. In college I spent a lot of time seeking out stylish films to help inform my style but lately I'm far less intentional about what I watch and mostly get sucked into Netflix binges...
P.S. I did not build the little fort in the woods.

Outfit details:
Choies dress (shortened by me)


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