Lenovo Tablet 2 Pro

wearing: old Shop Ruche coat, Oasap blouse, thrifted skirt, Wolford tights, old oxfords
Back in February I received a Lenovo Tablet to play with and review--which coniciding with my birthday felt like an early present! A present from Ashton Kutcher no less...well sort of, as he is the designer of the Lenovo YOGA 2 Pro Tablet. It's a sweet tablet; lightweight with a long battery life and a sweet 8MP camera. Lately with my focus on using Instagram to experiment with photography I've found the camera and projector are the main features on the tablet for me.
The camera comes with a built-in timer which makes self portaits a cinch, but my favorite feature is the projector--originally intended for playing videos (which I'll probably also use it for in the future) it also helps me take the more creative self-portraits I've played with in the past. Previously I had to borrow a bulky old projector from a friend to experiment with this type of creative photography. It was always a huge hassle of borrowing it, finding a steady enough surface that could handle the weight of the equipment while also having a room big enough with a blank wall to feature the projected image. The tablet is lightweight enough to on on nearly any surface and has none of the annoying cords. It's seriously super handy for projects--a grid on the wall helps you line up an arrangement perfectly and I can even see myself projecting my drawings onto the wall to trace for a temporary (or permanent!) stencil feature in a room. Thomas helped me shoot the video below showing how I've been playing around with it so far.

Also, be sure to check out the Trend Hub to see how other people are using their tablet and enter giveaways for a chance to win your own.

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Laurie said...

I love the shirt you're wearing! Is it sheer? Thanks!

Cecelia said...

Cute video!

Diamond Dann said...

You are so gosh darn cute! You always wear the cutest outfits and this one is no different. I love the casual feel of your outfit. The skirt and tights are perfect. Thanks for sharing as always!

Natalia said...

I love every image of this post, specially the palette! I follow your blog long time ago and hadn't visited it recently.
Your hair is amazing! I love the braid and specially the pic you have your eyes closed with that cateye! Adorably vintage.

Tessa said...

I love your outfit here! Looks like the tablet takes good photos too!

Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

Tamara said...

I just love all of the vibrant colors in these photos! This video is super cute too. :)


Miranda said...

oooooooo that projector feature is neat. your irish town is so stinkin cute!

Lisa Garner said...

Beautiful photos!! Love how clear they come out with this tablet.

Rhonda Martin said...

I agree the camera and projector is amazing~! The video was fantastic. I love all those old stone buildings. They are so architectural. I love how you used it to put on your makeup. I actually would love to watch outdoor movies with the projector. It's been on my wish list along with a new Lenovo because mine is so old. The Lenovo YOGA would be two items off my wish list.I call it the Dream Machine. It's just amazing.