Outfit: Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

So these sunglasses are the coolest. I had a cool pair of black sunglasses with points like this a couple of summers ago and sadly broke them, so I was quite excited when I saw these at Choies. When they arrived they came out of the box and the pointy parts weren't attached I was really disappointed. But then I saw the triangle bits lurking in the corners of my box and to my surprise realized they attached to the sunglasses with magnets! Ingenious! They're less likely to break because they just pop off if you sit on them, but were strong enough to stay on despite the crazy wind on this day (ugh wind ugh) and it means you get two sunglass styles for the price of one. I might have known they detached if I had read the product description more closely...but yeah, I'm pretty excited about these shades.


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