Beauty: Pizza Queen Nail Decals

*nail decals c/o DIY Nails & Sally Hansen "sweet talker" nail polish

I've worn a few nail stickers in the past, but this is my first attempt at nail decals. In the future I'll have to do nail decals with a higher contrast base color because it's nearly impossible to see my silver foil decals on my light pink nails! Which is a shame because the pizza and alien decals are super fun--I think the latter is a fitting homage to the return of The X-Files (I can't wait for the new episodes!). The decals look really cool in person though, they catch the light and the silver is nearly holographic. Because they're water-activated you can also wear them as temporary tattoos! Each set comes with instructions on how to apply them, but if you're curious about the process (it's quite simple) you can follow my pictures above and written guide below.
How to:
-cut out your chosen design and make sure it fits on your nail
-dip briefly in water and then let it sit/absorb the water for 5-10 secs
-after that time you can slide the design off the paper backing
-apply to your nail and pat dry
-seal it in place with clear nail varnish--be gentle, because the designs are pretty fragile


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