Outfit: I Want To Ride My Bicycle

For the first time since I was young--I have a bicycle! I wasn't really intending to get a bicycle, but there is a local auction house. We went, saw this beauty, and got a bit caught up in the fun of bidding and getting a good deal. It's technically a man's bicycle and a bit large for me, but I love the style and I'll soon get into the swing of riding it--maybe even with Jack in the basket! Actually, Jack seems to prefer running alongside whenever I ride around the yard right now--and that's usually in more sensible clothes! I won't usually be riding in such a short skirt unless I wear a pair of bike shorts underneath, but it was a sunny afternoon when we decided to snap a few pictures in this mini dress and I pulled out the bicycle for fun.

Outfit details:
jean jacket (similar)
old flats (similar)
*pictures by Thomas


Sarah Clark said...

Beautiful! I love the style of your edits! Everything looks so warm and inviting! Have fun in Ireland!!

Bobby said...

Such a nice bike!
I bike in skirts all the time, but then again - I'm Dutch so I've been cycling all my life..
But did you hear of the "Penny In Yo Pants" ? https://vimeo.com/98808131 pretty good trick for biking with skirts!

Two Happy Hearts said...

I love this! It's definitely denim jacket weather, right?!

Erin @ the honey home said...

I haven't owned a bike in AGES. We live in an area that is incredibly not bike-friendly. It would be a dream to live someplace where a bicycle could get some use. (Especially so my kids could actually learn to ride one!) What a great auction find!

Heather Noire said...

I love the retro style and the spring look. It is so fun and energetic :) http://bauchlefashion.com

katie said...

your outfit and photos are utterly charming, as usual!