Outfit: Our Gatehouse

I thought today I'd share a little of our background with the gatehouse since it will probably end up being shared on the blog again and again--I mean how can I resist when it's so cute? The gatehouse (and its matching twin) is positioned at the front of a large park Thomas has taken me to a number of times for fishing and long walks. We'd pass them as we headed into the park and they're such charming little houses that we couldn't help but peek through the windows and see they were quite empty despite the "residents only parking" signs that sit beside them. So, Thomas spent a few weeks playing phone tag with various park officials and locals trying to hunt down the owner or manager and eventually reached the landlord who told us the gatehouse with the little yellow door was indeed going to be available for rent soon. I had to fly back to the States before we could get a proper peek inside, but Thomas walked through with a video camera and began turning on the charm to convince me this darling house would be our perfect first home together--and I took quite a bit of convincing! As cute as the outside is, I wasn't interested in living here because it's so tiny on the inside. Crazy tiny. I couldn't imagine how all of my belongings, let alone two people's worldly posessions, could fit inside comfortably. Plus, I wanted a two bedroom apartment so if my family visited there would be a place for them to stay without going to a hotel because a plane ticket makes the visit expensive enough. But with further video walk-throughs and several long Skype chats I was eventually won over by the positives of the gatehouse. It's in a great location, rent is cheap, we can sleep on a sofa bed and give my parents the bedroom when they visit, and the size will encourage us to simplify. Of course now, whenever I share a picture of it people respond so positively and Thomas teases me that I almost let this slip through our fingers! We're still in the process of getting my stuff over and making the space as efficient as possible, but I will probably share some pictures of the interior when we're unpacked. For now, here are a few pictures of it with the flowers out front in full bloom and Thomas behind the camera saying "I told you so" with each idyllic shot.


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