Photography: Washed Up

Alejandro Duran's series "Washed Up" at first reminds me of my favorite natural artist Andy Goldsworthy but closer inspection of Duran's work reveals deeper meaning behind the work. This isn't just the artful re-arrangement of colorful leaves, but rather the careful composition of litter to draw attention to the proliferation of trash. In his own words, "In my current project, Washed Up, I address the issue of plastic pollution making its way across the ocean and onto the shores of Sian Ka’an, Mexico’s largest federally-protected reserve. With more than twenty pre-Columbian archaeological sites, this UNESCO World Heritage site is also home to a vast array of flora and fauna and the world’s second largest coastal barrier reef. Unfortunately, Sian Ka’an is also a repository for the world’s trash, which is carried there by ocean currents from many parts of the globe." I think it's inspiring he's using photography and art to draw attention to a serious issue.


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