Outfit: The Long Walk Back

At Thomas's favorite beach there's always this pretty walk down to the beach through the dunes and past a herd of cows, although the walk back is usually less enjoyable! As a child it usually meant being exhausted, sunburnt shoulders, and wet sand clinging uncomfortably between my toes. I'm sort of glad our walk back from the beach as a child wasn't as long or as steep at this trek, but I can enjoy it now with only a few groans at the end of the day when it's time to hike back.
Backpacks are definitely my favorite "purse" for summer adventures when you're trying to spend more time outside and stretch your legs a bit! I added this one by Krochet Kids to my wardrobe recently and it's pretty perfect. I love the size, adjustable straps, and how lightweight it is. If you aren't familiar with Krochet Kids they're a nonprofit organization that empowers people to rise above poverty. The products are personal too--each item is hand signed by the person who made it. All in all it's a cool company with some sweet products worth checking out.

*pictures by Thomas*


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