Outfit: Midweek Casual

Stripes and a basic jean skirt for a simple mid-week outfit.

I'm getting into customizing my clothes lately. Sometimes it's handstitching flowers on to a dress at midnight (see yersterday's post) and other times it's merely chopping a dress into a top--like the striped one in today's post. I've been drawn to longer silhouettes this summer, but don't always find that longer midi length working on me, so out come the scissors. I have to fix the hem at some point so it can properly be worn as a top without tucking it in, but right now only I (and everyone I tell on the Internet) knows that it's a fraying, hidden mess...

details: Shein dress (worn as top), Shein skirt c/o, old sandals, Luna on the Moon balloon purse
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. Ahhh so cute! I love that purse. Love your dress turned top too. I totally understand. Sometimes it's easier to just put it on instead of pulling out the sewing machine.

  2. so adorable!!


  3. I spy the fish eye (lens) in one photo :) I could've saved so many dresses in the past that got too short on me by chopping them like you do! I just don't have the patience to sew :-/

    À LA MODEST - Replacing insecurities with inspiration!

  4. I love up cycling old pieces, the top looks awesome. Love your bag so much as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  5. Changing up old pieces is the absolute best. I love this casual look, especially with that fun bag!! Just read your post below, sounds like you have so many amazing things going on! Congrats!! :)

    xx Chelsea

  6. This look is adorable! I'm so obsessed with that cute 'lil balloon purse. :) xo

  7. What I really like about this post is how your outfit blends so nicely with the fence in the background.

  8. I am always trying to think of ways to upcycle garments to make them more wearable; it's become an addiction! I love that dress as a top (the colors are so pretty) and I especially adore your skirt!



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