Outfit: Fall Fringe

We've been spying fall creeping its way towards us in the changing trees and shorter days. I'm already starting to wear more layers, jackets, and sweaters, and putting my summer clothes away. I'm also trying to figure out my fall style which I'm seeing as a combination of more boho looks and more geek chic fashion. These new fringe booties from Minnetonka are helping me channel the former style; I'll be wearing them more this fall with cozy sweater dresses and skinny jeans, but today it's simply a little black dress and a lot of spangly touches! Minnetonka is all about fringe this fall; you can see 25 other ways to wear fringe (plus find out how to win a $500 shopping spree!) at MinnetonkaMoccasin.com.

details: Les cerises de Mars headband, dress, Minnetonka boots c/o, old purse, old bracelets
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. Beautiful! I love your bohemian dress - the embellishments are really pretty and reminiscent of the Fall season. Plus, the lighting is just magical!


  2. These sunset pictures are beautiful! They definitely have the autumn look. Great work Thomas (and Rebecca of course!) ☺️

  3. I can always tell when your pictures are by Thomas - those are my favorites. So pretty!

  4. These photos definitely capture fall! Love it.

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  5. Amazing photos! Makes me excited for fall!


  6. These photos are so amazing! I love the lighting

  7. Wonderful photos, love your dress! x


  8. I'm going to show my "old" age with this post, but 20+ yrs ago when I was in high school I had that same cut of Minnetonka booties. Mine were black & had fringe all round, and zipped in the back. I wore them with everything. After about 6 years they just could no longer take the WI winter weather and there was no way to rescue them. I miss them, maybe its time for a new pair. 😊

  9. Hey, long-time reader of your blog here :) Congrats on such a lot of great work. Moccasins sure are beautiful. Wondering if it wouldn't be possible to buy from a Native American seller though, instead of Minnetonka? There's a pretty long history of Westerners taking Native American designs for profit while at the same time not addressing relationships with Native communities, who are struggling because of historical oppression. I'd love to see the fashion community take positive steps towards supporting Native American fashion designers & artists and standing with them as they challenge racism & oppression.

  10. @sarah, I definitely see what you mean. I was approached my Minnetonka Moc for this collaboration and all of the styles they sent over for me to pick from were boots rather than moccasins, so I didn't really see an issue with cultural appropriation or ripping off Native American designs; boots just seemed like boots. But I do agree that it's a fine line and buying moccasins from a Native American designer would be better (prob more handmade quality, benefit a local community, etc) than a big corporation. I'm not based in the States anymore so I don't know how much I'll be able to personally support through Native American designers (shipping & customs fees are crazy) through my outfit posts, but I'll try to be more thoughtful with my partnerships in the future. There's a lot of ways the fashion industry could be improved and bloggers/social media people as the more "real world" side of the fashion community should shoulder some of the responsibility and be beacons for change. We can't really claim to democratize fashion if that only means "have the right to post a selfie" but don't take any steps to improve or question the fashion industry as a whole.

  11. These are some of the best golden hour pictures I've ever seen! They're so sun-saturated, it's lovely :) And the dress! xxx

    Jesska - Opal Soul

  12. Hello, beautiful lady! These pictures are awesome! So lovely to watch. Please, I have a question about styling. If I am cold and need to put on something on my legs with this outfit, what would it be? Some stockings, leggings...? Thank you... :)

  13. @Anonymous, I personally prefer tights with dresses rather than leggings but it's whatever suits you.


  14. Amazing dear.
    Kisses from Portugal!

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  15. Gorgeous outfit! The bohemian style suits you so well!

    The Vintage Owl | Bloglovin


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