Outfit: Pink and Teal

People often ask how or where I find the locations for my outfits and how the outfits manage to "match" the scene so well. Usually I just walk or ride my bicycle around until I see something that fits and try to take a few pictures. Other times it's more random; like Thomas and I in the car driving somewhere when I spy a colorful building that seems to coordinate with my outfit and I ask, "do we have time to stop? Because that building matches my dress." Thankfully Thomas is a patient man and we did have time, so we stopped, snapped a few photos, and continued on our way. The coordination was pure luck. Although the pictures would have benefited from sunglasses so I could be less squinty!

Here's another confession: I'm not entirely certain these boots "go" with this outfit, but I'm a little addicted to wearing them right now because they're so comfortable and make me feel all autumn-y in a way flats can't. But then again coordinating styles is what you make of it, so I'll just claim I'm balancing the more girly aspects of my floaty floral dress with these more utilitarian looking booties...
details: Shein dress, old belt, tights, boots c/o Cat Footwear & AMP3 PR,  Modcloth purse
*pictures by Thomas*


Mei めい said...

I really love your dress, it's so pretty!


Marta said...

Very pretty and cute look! Love your photos!


Sybille Green said...

You always find the spot that match your outfits! It's amazing and really beautiful <3

Sybille ♥

The new new girl

Sybille Green said...

You always find the spot that match your outfits! It's amazing and really beautiful <3

Sybille ♥

The new new girl

LIVforstyle said...

Love the unusual color combos.



Vicki said...

I def need to get some photo location tips from you Rebecca! mine our failing in comparison! Hopefully see you again soon! :) xx

Claire Petersen said...

I think the boots and dress work well together actually! It's a combination I would go for this time of year!

Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

Hello Kuo said...

you find some of these places randomly!? that's so cool. you must live in such a beautiful, dynamic, visually appealing area haha. and i think the boots go great with that dress. they really do balance out the feminine elements


Helen Veyna said...

I wish I had such a great eye and the patience to find cool photo locations. That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you! Also, I have to disagree with you when you say that you don't think those shoes go with that outfit. I think they look awesome with the dress!

Sweet Helen Grace

Morgane Carlier said...

Dear lovely Rebecca,
I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you and your blog for the Liebster Award. You don't have to join this but I think it is a quite nice idea ;)
More information here -> http://www.morganecarlier.com
Many kisses and love from France!
Morgane xx

Kristie Glenn said...

Pretty dress! And the wall compliments it perfectly! Lol


Truly Madly Deeply Fashion said...

You look fabulous as always Rebecca! I love the print on the dress, and the edginess of the boots with an otherwise girly ensemble.

Saba x


Justina Kenyon said...

I really like this outfit! The first thing I thought when I saw the second picture was that the boots looked perfect!
I think the coincidences where walls match outfits are great.