Event: House of Eléonore Launch

Last week I was whisked away to Amsterdam for one night to attend the House of Eléonore launch party (trust me, this isn't my usual!). It was a launch I was particularly excited to attend because of the brands core values; all of their jewelry is made from FairTrade gold and conflict free diamonds. At the event we were walked through the process firsthand from Tintype photographs of the miners (shot by Sean Hawkey) to a young Danish goldsmith explaining some of her craft to us as she worked on a ring. You couldn't leave the event without feeling that House of Eléonore thoughtfully crafts meaningful pieces that will eventually mark special moments in peoples lives. The collection was inspired by Papua New Guinea with orchids inspiring the pretty pearl "pod" ring I'm wearing below and the bird of paradise flower featuring in another necklace.
Of course the night had a very Cinderella-like ending; the pretty jewelry was only borrowed and the next morning I had to board a plane and fly away home. Still for one night I wore my vintage "Joan" dress and briefly waltzed around the National Maritime Museum in 18k gold jewelry learning a little bit about Amsterdam's past and present gold-smithing legacy from the House of Eléonore team. To see the full collection or learn about their bespoke services you can visit their website (houseofeleonore.com) & follow them on Instagram.



  1. What a fun experience! You look stunning as always, and the pearl ring you're wearing is beautiful! :)


    P.S. I'm really liking the new blog layout!

  2. Actually I love your hair a lot more than the outfit, you look great but I am more in awe of your hairdo... because I cannot achieve it ever =(

  3. @Ailyn Koay I have a tutorial for this hairstyle coming up--it's actually quite easy & doesn't involve teasing. I was hopeless at a bouffant/beehive until I learned this technique. :)

  4. looks like a magical evening! and my, those pieces are divine. *heart eyes* can i please please have that dress when you grow tired of it (even though i know it will never happen)? x

  5. I like the new format for your blog. And what fun it must have been in Amsterdam. I hope Thomas was able to go with you.

  6. I'm always excited to hear about more ethically minded jewelry or fashion companies. I won't wear jewelry specifically for that reason. If you know of more such labels please continue to share. Love that dress by the way.

  7. Your new blog layout is so great! Loving the dress and outfit as always. Have you and your husband ever considered a photography business for wedding/engagement/portrait photography? You guys are so talented, it would be awesome to see your work!

  8. I absolutely love this! You look beautiful and the pearl ring is stunning! I'm such a big fan of what they stand for. Also- you're blog layout! So good!

  9. Love the dress and your hair! xx

  10. Hello dear!!
    This much better do your blog layout, more clear ...
    Your pictures are beautiful and so are you.
    Kisses !!♥♥ "Sorry for my bad English"hehehe....

  11. Wow, stunning pictures! Looks like an amazing time :)



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