Outfit: Bike Pretty

It's getting to the season where showcasing clothing outside becomes quite difficult. I might get lucky with a milder winter this year (less snow in my pictures perhaps?) but it's started to reach that point where I don't really want to take off my coat to show off my clothes underneath. It's less difficult on days when I'm wise enough to dress appropriate in a sweater or layered look...But I can't always be wise and practical. Actually nearly none of my outfits are described as practical! Still they work for me--I've made it through several snowy winters in dresses and tights (with snowboots, thick socks, and loads of layers!). It's just good to keep getting outside no matter the weather.
^Can you see the pained expression of someone who desperately wants their coat back here? 

*all pictures by me*



  1. Good for you for still going outside despite the chilly weather. That green dress you're wearing is very pretty, but that coat is equally gorgeous, which is a good excuse not to take it off and keep warm. :D

    Sweet Helen Grace

  2. There is a lot to be said about someone who suffers through the cold to take lovely photos.
    I'm one of those weirdos who likes the cold (to an extent) so taking photos outside with no coat doesn't usually bother me, but it bothers everyone else, apparently!

    That coat is gorgeous! This whole look is gorgeous.

    Katie | katielikeme.com

  3. I love living in the city but I wish I could ride my bike to such beautiful places with so many trees! That coat looks so warm; I wouldn't want to take it off either!

    Christina| A Sentimental Adventure

  4. These photos are so beautiful, autumn looks so lovely where you are! I love your coat, the colour is gorgeous.

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  5. Such a lovely outfit! I love your scarf and tucked in braid.


  6. I love all the color combinations in this post. Such a pretty autumn over there and such a beautiful Clothes Horse. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Thomas and the family. I hope you get some of your favorite Thanksgiving food or perhaps something new for Turkey Day (lamb?).

  7. You are my winter fashion inspiration! I live in LA and we don't get much winter here, but for the few weeks it does get cold, I have such a hard time making coats and scarves look stylish. You make them look adorable. Love the socks over stockings - double warmth and double cute!

  8. Thermal silk underwear would help you! Or a silk/wool blend, even, if you're not sensitive to wool. I suspect nowadays they even make polarfleece thermals--they'd be warmest of all, I suspect, and all the thermal undergarments I've found came in various necklines, leg lengths etc--so they don't need to show.

    Also, I bet some fur or fleece lined boots by a company like Sorel would suit you well right now!

    Lastly, when I lived up in the mountains (Sierra Nevadas, at Lake Tahoe)I learned that the most important thing is to keep your head warm. So, yummy knit hats! I bet you know that but :-)


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