Outfit: Cold Comfort

Over the weekend we went to the Christmas market in Belfast and the night rain turned to sleet numbing our toes and making it feel like Christmas. As cold as it was, there's hardly a more seasonally appropriate sight than snow drifting down on twinkle lights and your breath forming clouds in the air while bells chime in the distance. We indulged in the food stalls in the market, finishing off with hot chocolate and mulled wine--comfort food and drinks in an attempt to keep ourselves thawed. It was a fun night, but since then I've been wanting to wear only the coziest clothes. It only takes a few minutes to get chilled, but sometimes it seems like hours until you feel warm again! So on goes a well worn-in pair of jeans, a new tee that's so soft it already feels lived in and the warmest coat in my closet. If it decides to snow again--I'm ready!

details: Shein coat, House of Metal shirt, bee necklace, old jeans, Joules wellies, old mittens
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. That coat looks wonderfully warm, and the market excursion sounds like it was absolutely magical. Is there a tutorial somewhere (or one forthcoming?) for how your hair is styled in this post? It's really lovely.

  2. Very very cute! Loving the colour of the coat, especially with the leaves. And the bee details on the boots are amazing <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. cute outfit! loving all your photos and the color palette! it's so fall!


  4. @the honey home, yes I'd like to do a tutorial for this hairstyle soon. There will definitely be one eventually, although if you hunt around online for a "pull through braid tutorial" then those will show you the same style. :)

  5. The fur on your coat is adorable!!!


  6. Love those Wellington boots! From a Northern Irish girl, I am glad you are enjoying it here- its officially Christmas when the market comes!


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