Outfit: Insta-Obsessed

My novelty purse collection continues to get more ridiculous...it's already ridiculous enough having a novelty purse collection. But I can't resist them. I like how they make plain outfits more interesting and add a bit of whimsy to classic or basic looks. My favorites are my purse shaped like a camera (matching my photography obsession), my fries purse (reflecting my fast food weakness), and now this Instagram purse which suits my main social media outlet (I barely use Pinterest and refuse to get Snapchat). I don't think I'm completely Insta-obsessed, but Thomas would probably say I spend more time on it than necessary!



  1. I'm totally obsessed by your outfit and picture as always :) And i can only understand your love for instagram, it's so inspiring and quick! Also, i just got myself the last issue of As You Like Magazine this morning because i knew their would be a picture of me but when i saw you made the cover!!!Double Combo!! Xx

  2. Nooooo Rebecca, your novelty purse collection is not ridiculous! I love them and I have a novelty collection of my own in the form of earrings haha...

    My favourite purse of your collection is that discontinued black Betsey Johnson telephone purse. Sadly, the only place to get it is on eBay these days. The similar looking one just doesn't look as adorable!

  3. I love all the little details in every one of your outfits!

  4. Instagram is where it's at! I think it's an easy platform to get your story across while not compromising your personality. I feel you on Pinterest. That site can get very overwhelming and your personality can get lost in it, but why the aversion to snapchat? Just wondering!

    Love your outfit as usual. The lacing on the skirt is a nice variation from the similarly shaped button skirts that are all the rage right now!

    How To Be More Like Lauren

  5. Love the details of your skirt. Love all the fall colors.



  6. @Lauren Lalicon, I don't like Snapchat b/c I like to have quiet and private moments. Between blog posts, Instagram and now bloggers doing Snapchats to show the "behind the scenes" parts of themselves what is left for just themselves and their friends? What part of their life hasn't been put out there for public consumption? I'm a blogger, but I'm actually a pretty private person and an introvert--I need my down and private time.

  7. Oh my gosh, that coat. I just went to Romwe and ordered it. I almost never order clothes online. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!

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  9. Lovely colors! How did you get those hearts on the back of your tights?

    Love from Stylewhile


  10. eep, you are so so cute! the bag definitely is swoon-worthy, but i gotta say, the acorn necklace and heart-printed tights made me hyperventilate a little. x

    i share your snapchat sentiments as a whole, but i do enjoy following people and snooping on their lives a bit! lol. i just can't imagine doing it myself!

  11. I'm obsessed with that coat! So cute!


  12. The composition on the second-to-last photo is perfect!

  13. I love that bag seriously its fabulous!


  14. I just found your blog and I love it! Your style and hair color are so cute! Cant wait to see more!

    PS I wonder how hard it is to DIY those tights?



  15. @Callie, @Sara you don't have to DIY them--I bought them this way. They're linked in the blog post under "tights" :)

  16. I love your outfits! They're so cute. Wondering what your personal experience (and advice about ordering correctly from them) is with Romwe and SheIn, since I haven't heard very great things about them, but everything you wear from them looks so adorable! :)

  17. @Unknown, I've had good experiences. Clothes tend to run small, but that usually suits me b/c I'm petite. If I was taller I might avoid them (or at least the skirts that already look like minis). But I've never had an order get lost or not come. Sometimes it takes a long time for products to arrive, but that's it. Quality is similar to F21.


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