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One of the most common questions I receive is where do I find inspiration. It's also sort of a frustrating one to answer because people don't like to hear, "um, everywhere...?" But it's the truth. An outfit could be inspired by a sunset, or another blogger, or a runway collection, or a painting, or stranger on the street, or a magazine, or an old movie--the list goes on. In a lot of ways, I'm not picky about what inspires me. Why choose to focus on only one source like movies or "real people" versus magazines when you can have it all? At the buffet of inspiration I'm filling my plate with a little bit of everything. So between browsing Pinterest and Tumblr on a cozy evening in, I'm also checking out the latest issue of Marie Claire. I was intrigued by cover girl Amber Heard and stuck around for the gift guides and fashion notes on leather jackets (hm yes, I should get my faux leather jacket out again soon...) and 70s inspired by style (in rust!). There's really something about a beautifully edited magazine in your hands, or tablet, that is incomparable. Looking through the December issue always takes me back to when I first started reading fashion magazines and discovering this world that was half-real and half-fantasy. Like the delightful Luxe List page full of blush tones and that dreamy Chloe purse and Chanel earrings. I might not end up investing in either of those, but the colors, sparkle, and pictures are inspiring my holiday dressing. If you're looking for a little extra inspiration why not get yourself a Marie Claire subscription for Christmas--and a second for a friend?
What about you, where do you find inspiration? Do you look for it in one particular place, or do you prefer a mixed bag like myself?

details: vintage sweater, Mod Dolly blouse, Modcloth jeans, fox slippers gift from Thomas

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  1. Love that vintage sweater and button-up!

  2. The closeup here tells the whole story of how wonderfully all the visual elements are brought together, like the way the pattern on the sweater reflects the shape of the acorn but also mirrors the design on the window. What device are you using to read the magazine and how comfortable is it? I have an iPad Mini which sometimes can feel a little too small but is easy to handle.

  3. That sweater is darling. I've never really read Marie Clare. I like Nylon and Teen Vogue haha!

  4. Great post! I love the warmness of these photos too. That window perch looks amazing!

  5. Love this outfit. I totally agree, inspiration comes from everything but pinterest has to be my main one as well as other bloggers like you!


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