Outfit: Brooklyn

My super-soft tee features a Brooklyn skyline, hence the title of today's post, but it's also calling to mind the film Brooklyn which we recently saw. One of the best films I've seen in theaters in awhile; just a beautifully told story about a young Irish immigrant in Brooklyn in the 1950s who struggles with homesickness and then after a visit back home struggles with choosing her future--what is safe and known, or the new life she was building in America. It was pretty fun to see with Thomas since we've gone through the process in reverse--I left the States for Northern Ireland and it's modern times, but a lot of the story still feels familiar. Home is home and building a new life is difficult. When I moved to Pennsylvania a few years ago I only knew a few people in town and made "say yes" to every invitation my mantra. Someone I barely knew invited me to a party full of strangers, I said yes, and went out of my comfort-zone and met new people. A few years old and a perhaps a little less willing to put myself out there my current mantra might be "one day at a time." Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a new home or friendships or life. So you muddle ever forward and try to add a few pieces to the missing jigsaw puzzle as often as you can and someday you'll realize there's a lot less holes and gaps than there used to be.

*pictures by Thomas*


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