Outfit: Camera Strap Convert

If you use a camera as often as I do, I highly invest switching out the one that came with your camera for something better. I didn't even know when I picked out a new strap this summer that in addition to adding a bit of flair to my camera it had a bit of padding and easy-to-remove snaps. The snaps are handy because I never want to use my camera without a strap, but Thomas is actually more of a free-hand person; this way we can quickly switch for each person's preference no matter who has been using the camera that day. And we are usually sharing the camera; we switch out memory cards so the camera goes from my shoots to random projects--lately it's been shooting pictures for our neighborhood Santa's workshop (I might share a silly picture of me as an elf on Instagram at some point)! Working with Santa has been pretty fun though; lots of interesting children going through with funny answers as to what they want for Christmas and if they've been naughty or nice. It's more entertaining for me perhaps because I also get a kick out of hearing little kids with strong Irish accents! Anyway, I bought my first strap through Shop Ruche, which has since sold out of it, and I recently hunted down the maker (iMo Camera strap) so I could get another. Both of mine are the neoprene style strap and I can't say enough positive things about them; they're such a small investment but it makes a big difference in comfort (and it looks pretty too). I never saw the point of switching my strap for years, but now I'm a convert--no more standard straps for me! Padded, clipped, and patterned, please.
Modcloth scarf, coat, Shein dress c/o, Aubergine Fox necklace c/o, vintage boots, iMo camera strap
*pictures by Thomas*


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