Outfit: O Christmas Tree

These pictures were taken with our village's Christmas tree back in Northern Ireland before we flew off for our holidays. Right now I'm likely more casually dressed and enjoying a quiet day with my family. So strange to think it's been six months since I've seen any of them, although Skype makes the distance and time seem a good deal less. Still I'm excited to get my usual holiday traditions surrounded by the people I love. I'll be back to blogging in the New Year, although my Instagram will probably remain active in the next week! I hope you have a lovely holiday with good company and good food. Merry Christmas!

details: Shein coat (sold out, similar), Chicwish dress, UV tights, Ferragmo flats, old purse



  1. Your dress and your nylons are just too cute!! I absolutely love this outfit. You're an inspiration and I try to mimic a lot of your outfits. They're just so perfect. Thank you for sharing this one with us. :-)

  2. I'm glad you and Thomas are back spending Christmas with the family. Hope your Christmas is great and say hello to all.

  3. Merry Christmas Rebecca! You're always lovely, your dress and the coat are very chic :)
    Kiss from Italy

  4. So gorgeous, I love your dress!
    Merry christmas to you!


  5. You are always wearing something that I would, but you manage to upgrade it in a great way.
    Merry Christmas! Kisses!


  6. Your dress and coat are so beautiful! <3
    Merry Christmas! xx

    Big Dreamer

  7. this is the kind of coat that makes me yearn for cold weather! ah, to wish and hope in vain. lol.

    merry christmas (again) rebecca! happy to hear you are spending the holidays with family. x

  8. Glad you get to visit your family! I couldn't imagine living that far away from mine. If I did I would like to go back to letter writing. Wouldn't that be neat?


  9. That coat is so gorgeous! And these pictures are beautiful!



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