Outfit: The Indianapolis Library

Ah libraries. I always feel at home in libraries. I managed to read a number of books while home for Christmas (both good novels and some poorly written ones chosen for their titles or book covers!) and disappearing into a book for a few spare hours felt as familiar and a home-y as actually being in my parents house. After all, their current home--and state--is one they only moved to in recent years; it feels like home because my family is there but it isn't actually a place very familiar to me or filled with childhood memories. The place we called home has always changed every few years, but through every move some things were consistent. Settling into a novel on a couch with a dog by my side and the chatter of my family in the background remains one of the most home-like feelings I have.
While my parents live in Virginia, shortly after Christmas we made the ten hour road trip to Indiana to see one of my sisters. My sister knowing my love for libraries took me to Indianapolis's gorgeous central library. It certainly is a dream of a building--with both modern and more classic architecture wings. We snapped these pictures in the older part of the library, mostly lurking around the Science Fiction section...

details: vintage blouse, scarf (Christmas present) skirt, Wolford tights, oxfords, Brontibay Paris purse
*pictures by Thomas*


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