Outfit: The Indianapolis Library

Ah libraries. I always feel at home in libraries. I managed to read a number of books while home for Christmas (both good novels and some poorly written ones chosen for their titles or book covers!) and disappearing into a book for a few spare hours felt as familiar and a home-y as actually being in my parents house. After all, their current home--and state--is one they only moved to in recent years; it feels like home because my family is there but it isn't actually a place very familiar to me or filled with childhood memories. The place we called home has always changed every few years, but through every move some things were consistent. Settling into a novel on a couch with a dog by my side and the chatter of my family in the background remains one of the most home-like feelings I have.
While my parents live in Virginia, shortly after Christmas we made the ten hour road trip to Indiana to see one of my sisters. My sister knowing my love for libraries took me to Indianapolis's gorgeous central library. It certainly is a dream of a building--with both modern and more classic architecture wings. We snapped these pictures in the older part of the library, mostly lurking around the Science Fiction section...

details: vintage blouse, scarf (Christmas present) skirt, Wolford tights, oxfords, Brontibay Paris purse
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. I absolutely love the library theme. Your outfit is darling. One of my favourite things to do is is read in a library in a cute outfit like this. So awesome. Thanks for the pics. :-)

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  3. Hello,
    I've already finished scrolling your outfits. I saw all your blog posts since you've started posting. And I have to tell you that your style has changed a lot. And it's a very positive change ;) What I like the most in your approach to the style - you wear one thing in many versions and every outfit is various. I noticed that a lot of bloggers use some clothes only one time and then, they get rid of it. Fortunately, you don't do it. I'm so happy I've found your blog. I'm sure I'll visit you for a long time.
    Hugs and kisses :*

  4. I'm just curious: do you usually have to ask someone from the library permission to take photos in there? You have so many beautiful library pics!

  5. Your fox scarf is so stinking cute!!! Your hair has gotten so long too!


  6. Your scarf is absolutely lovely!
    I love the whole outfit as always :)
    I really like the fact that you took the photographs in a library!
    Anyway, great post!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Sybille ♡

    The New New Girl

  7. @daria, I don't ask, but I'm at public libraries so they're public spaces and you can always take pictures in public spaces. The only private library I took pictures in was my college's and since I was a student there it was obviously open to me and I could always say it was a class project if someone *caught* me. But I tend to go for non-peak hours and usually find a quiet corner, most of the time no one even knows I am taking pictures because I'm quiet and quick about it. I've never had anyone approach me while I was taking pictures in a library to ask what I was doing and only occasionally had a witness (usually another patron who was just browsing by).

  8. What a lovely library! I totally fell in love with it, I love these elegant places. I actually never saw such a library to really be open for public, just look and go away. Our public libraries are modern places.
    See my vintage outfit with a lot of textures combined (link)

  9. Gorgeous outfit and photos, that scarf is too adorable! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  10. Beautiful location! I love the library (I'd like to be a librarian!) and your outfit is great :)


  11. I honour your style!

  12. I honour your style!

  13. YES! Old libraries are the best!
    Why don't you make a book club or some book-related posts sometime? I value your opinions on books and would love to know of any good books you'd recommend! It would be of much interest for me to read such posts ;)
    Secondly, I also wouldn't mind to read a post of the best libraries you've ever visited!
    Oh, it would such a delight to read!

    Alive as Always

  14. I would love to read a post about your favorite books!

  15. Library posts are the best! What were your favorite books that you read on vacation?


  16. Such a beautiful library. I really like libraries, especially old ones. I would have had a blast in that one. Plus your outfit is super cute.:-)

  17. I must have that scarf!! As a librarian, I am enthralled by this photo shoot!

    Christina | A Sentimental Adventure


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