Outfit: Sunshine & Swans

Sunny days are an unfortunate rarity here in Northern Ireland. However, their very elusiveness usually means when you do get one it is exceedingly beautiful. Such was the case last week when after weeks of grey and wet weather the clouds briefly parted and the earth sent swirling mists up to the sun's rays. We were fortunate enough to have a morning free of obligations and set out to enjoy our spot of sunshine and capture some of its beauty. We were further obliged by a friendly swan, whom after inspecting us for bread crumbs, gracefully glided through the morning mists making for the most striking photographs. It really was a photographer's dream of a morning and I'm glad we were able to be out and enjoying it.

*My skirt is by Book of Deer and made with special ink that glows in the dark! The skirt is sold out, but the dress version is on sale and could be styled this way as well!*


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