Outfit: Black & White Plaid & Fashion Uniforms

The easiest way to dress with rainbow colored hair? Stick to black and white. You never end up clashing and your hair *pops* against the basic color palette. I'd rather be wearing a lot of bright colors most days, but this sort of outfit feels more appropriate for a grey and rainy day. Details, prints, and funny embroidery keep the basics from being boring. Basics are also a good uniform for getting work done. Whenever I feel like I have a lot on my plate I find myself in more black outfits and repeating a lot of items.
In fashion blogging you tend to act as the mannequin displaying your styling skills and prowess on yourself (because who else is going to wear it/let you dress them?!). But of course when we use ourselves as mannequins we run into limitations--I dress a certain way because I like it, but also because I know it suits my body/frame/figure/personality. This is perfectly accepted in the larger fashion world where many editors and stylists dress in a personal uniform. Anna Wintour's style hasn't changed in years. Carolina Herrera is nearly always photographed in a crisp white blouse and black skirt. There are loads of examples of fashion insiders who wear essentially the same thing day in and day out, yet they create and style and express themselves in a wide range of fashions. They are never seen as less creative or having a limited perspective even though they style themselves in a very limited, repetitive manner. I really like this trend of uniforms in the fashion industry because it is a reminder that having an interest in fashion, even "following" and knowing about the current trends, isn't the same as dressing like a magazine editorial! Clothes can express our interest in fashion and personal style, but it's also possible to dress simply, plainly, even repetitively, and still be an avid fan of fashion with your own unique perspective.

*pictures by Thomas*


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