Outfit: Not Coraline

So, I've never seen the movie Coraline; I only have a vague knowledge of what type of film it was (stop-motion, animation, something else?) and what it was about all based on trailers I saw when it was coming out. But since I dyed my hair blue the Coraline comparisons have been pouring in--apparently my snazzy yellow jacket is adding fuel to the fire since the character wears a yellow jacket at some point in the movie...or so I'm guessing from the feedback I'm getting! Obviously the filmmakers and I have a few things in common; we both like blue hair and yellow coats and think they look awesome together. There are far worse comparisons to be had, so I don't mind being compared to an animated (clay?) character, but like most people who dye their hair--it wasn't my motivation. Nor was Katy Perry or anyone else who has had blue hair in the last five years. I dyed my hair blue because I love the color, it makes me feel like a mermaid, and if any fictional character influenced me it was childhood attachment to Sailor Mercury because she was the nerdy sailor scout and my favorite.
I was going to write a longer post, something more full and thoughtful that you could sink your teeth into. February is making me very thoughtful. Brisk weather keeping me indoors and interesting articles keeping my mind engaged. But I've got the flu. Ideas keep sparking in my mind, but the focus and wherewithal to hammer them out to anything more is lacking...

Shein coat, Chicwish blouse, Bill Skinner necklace, old skirt, old tights, BaliElf oxfords, Cru backpack (also want these)
*pictures by me* 


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