Outfit: Not Coraline

So, I've never seen the movie Coraline; I only have a vague knowledge of what type of film it was (stop-motion, animation, something else?) and what it was about all based on trailers I saw when it was coming out. But since I dyed my hair blue the Coraline comparisons have been pouring in--apparently my snazzy yellow jacket is adding fuel to the fire since the character wears a yellow jacket at some point in the movie...or so I'm guessing from the feedback I'm getting! Obviously the filmmakers and I have a few things in common; we both like blue hair and yellow coats and think they look awesome together. There are far worse comparisons to be had, so I don't mind being compared to an animated (clay?) character, but like most people who dye their hair--it wasn't my motivation. Nor was Katy Perry or anyone else who has had blue hair in the last five years. I dyed my hair blue because I love the color, it makes me feel like a mermaid, and if any fictional character influenced me it was childhood attachment to Sailor Mercury because she was the nerdy sailor scout and my favorite.
I was going to write a longer post, something more full and thoughtful that you could sink your teeth into. February is making me very thoughtful. Brisk weather keeping me indoors and interesting articles keeping my mind engaged. But I've got the flu. Ideas keep sparking in my mind, but the focus and wherewithal to hammer them out to anything more is lacking...

Shein coat, Chicwish blouse, Bill Skinner necklace, old skirt, old tights, BaliElf oxfords, Cru backpack (also want these)
*pictures by me* 



  1. Sick with the flu? No fun, please rest and take care of yourself. I hope you feel better!
    Joy from outfitzest.blogspot.com

  2. So funny, I'm seeing these colours everywhere together today - post from Bright Bazaar this morning and my newest bracelet (I'm a jewellery designer) is these shades too. I think they just look pretty awesome together wherever they are! Love your hair, and your jacket - and get well soon.

  3. Coraline is actually based on an amazing book by Neil Gaiman!

  4. Sorry to hear you have the flue, I am loving todays look

  5. I'm so sorry you have the flue :( I hope you feel better soon.
    I've been loving your longer and more thoughtful posts :)

  6. Such an adorable outfit. Mixing blue hair with yellow coat, different textures and also different patterns? Bloody amazing. Not sure a lot of people can look good in this outfit but you smash it!

  7. This is such a gorgeous look.....i love the coat!


  8. Love your bright-colored coat.



  9. Coraline is an awesome character. She's sassy and smart and likes what she likes even when it's not the status quo. Not a bad person to be compared to!


  10. When I had blue in my hair i had an identity crisis. I felt like Clementine (eternal sunshine), Coraline and Ramona Flowers (scott pilgrim) all at the same time!!! I think generally speaking I'm most like Ramona Flowers :p

  11. Love the yellow coat! I'm battling the flu at the moment as well. It's the absolute Worst! I hate having zero energy!

    She Likes to Shop

  12. I actually think you'd really like Coraline! It's stop motion with clay. It's from LAIKA which is the same company that did the other clay stop motion film Paranorman. Paranorman is actually one of my favorite movies. Coraline is such a cute movie, it's cute and whimsical but also creepy. I'm not 100% certain about your movie taste, but I do think that you may possibly enjoy it. Maybe you won't like it for the story, but maybe just for the pure craftsmanship that's necessary to create such a movie.

  13. You are so cute!


  14. Your hair looks crazy good! I have to admit I haven't seen Coraline either but I am getting a manga vibe from you :) Get well soon!


  15. Now that you mention it, yes I do see the Coraline resemblance as well. But you did mention the Sailor Mercury before so I'm not at all surprised that it was your inspiration. This blue is closer to Sailor Mercury than your previous blue hair anyway (although the length of your hair diminishes the resemblance).

    P.S: Loving that yellow coat on you!

    Alive as Always

  16. You must watch Coraline, though!

  17. Loving this look! Your hair is incredible! I watch I could dye all of my hair but work would kill me/fire me. A dip dye will have to do. I love the yellow coat!


  18. I adore this; your blue hair is TOO pretty! And you must see the movie Coraline... it is an artistic, lovely, (okay and totally, totally creepy) film. xoxoxo


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