Outfit: The Gatehouse In Spring

It was a little over a year ago when Thomas decided to enquire about the sweet gatehouse with the yellow door. I was ambivalent about the idea of the little house being our future home together; the outside was quite charming, the location was nice, but the size was concerning. Moving in would mean going from a large rambling house in Pennslyvania (with housemates!) to a literal tiny house. But now I've lived here for nearly nine months and have no complaints. We've really made this house our home and are always happy to return to it at the end of the day. In winter it was always warm and cozy. Now in spring with our garden starting to bloom it grows a little more cheerful and inviting each day. I look forward to many more years (fingers crossed!) under our tiny roof enjoying this quirky home--and matching the front door! It's pure luck that we ended up with a house with a yellow door, but after I put together this outfit I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures just outside the front door. Even the daffodils in our garden were kind enough to color-coordinate to my look!

details: sunglasses, old coat (similar), Shein tee, ascot scarf, skirtTopshop flats, vintage purse
*all pictures by me*


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