Outfit: True Blue

I suppose I should start off this post with, "this post contains no jokes/tricks/what-have-you" since as April Fool's Day you don't really know who to trust or what to believe. One of these days I would like to do some sort of witty April Fool's joke, but I've never come up with anything clever to post on the day. So don't worry, there are no pranks in this post. Actually I have pretty much the opposite of a trick, I have a tip--a blue hair tip. I first went blue a few summers ago; my hair was quite short and I did the whole process at home from bleaching to dyeing. It turned out a pretty teal shade which I really liked, but it would barely hold that color, it kept going green on me. I have nothing again green hair, but since the goal was blue hair (albeit a green-y blue, but blue!) it was super annoying. I kept buying more boxes of dye and touching up my color all of the time. Flash forward to this dye job with a lot more hair to lose, I went to a professional to get it bleached and dyed and since then have been smarter about keeping the color vibrant. Going to a professional definitely gave me a better foundation of blue that didn't fade as quickly (if you're in NI then Pamela at Robyn James does a fantastic job and is very affordable). A few other steps were obvious and already part of my habits to keep my hair healthy: fewer showers, colder showers, no sulfate shampoos, etc. But this time I added Overtone conditioner to the mix and it has made a big difference. A lot of bloggers with bright dye jobs recommended Overtone and everything they've said about it saving your color is so true (I've been using the Extreme Teal kit). I played with my color myself once, adding dye to the tips--mostly in an attempt to do an ombre thing with teal on top and a richer blue on the ends which you might be able to tell if you squint--but I've now had blue hair for two months without a "real" touchup and the color is still vibrant.

*all pictures by me*


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