Outfit: The Brockenhurst Gatehouse

For his birthday Thomas wanted to stay in a gatehouse--a different gatehouse than the wee one we live in.
So, we spent a few days in the south of England in this gorgeous Victorian gatehouse built in the French Renaissance style. It's an absolutely stunning building; the outside features so many beautiful details we did spend quite a good bit of our first day just wandering around examining it and pointing out different features to each other. Inside is far less dramatic, but simple and cozy--a perfect self-catering cottage for a short holiday away. Situated at the front of a gorgeous, rambling estate (as you might expect) we were also free to wander the grounds while we stayed here. The tree-lined path through the front gate made for the prettiest start to our walks. We had a pleasant stay and the New Forest area of England was idyllic. I fell in love with a number of thatch cottages in the area and the wild horses. We didn't snap too many pictures while we were there, but I'll be sharing some postcards we took soon.

These shoes are proof (if you ever needed it) that fashion fads are so cyclical. I got them back in 2008 when I was studying in Greece, but this lace-up style of shoe is everywhere in shops and on blogs now. I can't seem to get rid of these flats because of all the memories they hold from the time and place I bought them at, but I equally don't wear them much because they take so long to put on and take off! But here's the proof in the pudding, that if you hang on to something long enough it will come back into style.
details: ear crawlersShein dress c/o, old flats (similar)
*pictures by Thomas*



  1. Wow, living in a gatehouse, that sounds fantastic! Yet again, you are matching your surroundings perfectly. Love the dress and the hairstyle is on point, as per usual.
    Miha | www.mihaskinnybuddha.com

  2. Your dress is so pretty!! i Love all of the details and what a great location!!

  3. Another stunning gatehouse! Your gorgeous dress goes so perfectly with the location too, in love with these photos <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile 

  4. Oh, how funny! I was actually looking for places to stay in Brockenhurst last night, as a friend is getting married there later this year. (The cottage is, alas, booked but it's bookmarked for a future date!)

  5. I can't believe you guys live somewhere that looks similiar to that! It's seriously sooo pretty!

    Emmy Jake NYC

  6. Love it! Happy Birthday to Thomas, and I'm glad you both had a lovely, little escape! The place looks like a dream!

  7. This is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your travels. Your outfits always compliment your surroundings so well :)

  8. Darling post! I really love how you bring the fairy-tale to life through how you pose- :)

    Love your blog!

  9. Love the outfit, especially the shoes.

  10. These photos remind me of the Sound of Music!
    Happy belated birthday to Thomas :)

  11. Your outfit, and all these shots are way too cute for words! <3 <3 <3

  12. That gatehouse is charming. Is that 3 storeys I see in the photos?

  13. I really love your pictures in this post!
    May I know what lens/lenses did you use to take these photos? Did you use two prime lenses with different focal length alternately?
    Thank you so much in advance.

  14. @Rania, We alternate between a 50mm prime lens and a fisheye/wide angle lens. Most in this post are taken with the 50mm, but you can tell when they're slight curved that those are taken with the other lens.

  15. Thank you so much, Rebecca. That means a lot to me..


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