Outfit: Wild Sunflower Field & Mustard Yellow Dress

At least once a month while they're in season we buy a bundle of sunflowers for our house.
It's our favorite flower to bring indoors for a bit of color and sunshine in our frequently inclement sweater. So we were pleasantly surprised when we went for a walk through the park beside our home to find that a load of wild sunflowers has popped up in one of the fields over night. When we went back a few days later for pictures even more sunflowers were in bloom. We trudged around in the field for a few pictures, but were careful to only claim one flower that already had a broken stem. As tempting as it would be to fill our house with sunflowers for free, it's much better to leave them alone for everyone who visits the park to enjoy.  
I haven't been feeling the most creative lately, or maybe just not the most-most (was a wee bit sick over the weekend), but I'm doing a Q&A on my Instagram stories today and it's actually inspiring me quite a bit. I feel like some of the answers to questions should be whole blog posts by themselves (since I'm not really succinct enough for short vids!).



  1. Hey Rebecca! I loooove the warmth in these photos with all the sunflowers!!! I was wondering if you have any tips for brooches/enamel pins so that they don't damage your clothes too much. I just bought my very first enamel pin and I loooove it, but I'm so afraid it'll leave a noticeable hole in my favourite clothes.

  2. I love these pictures. Your dress is gorgeous!

  3. Your dress is so cute, I love the yellow crushed velvet

  4. These pictures are gorgeous! And I just love your dress!

  5. @Pui Yee, It helps if you use a smaller/lighter brooch, but honestly I'm not sure how to avoid a tiny hole entirely, all of my pins cause that as well. Different fabrics are also more forgiving, so I'd just watch what I put my pins on.

  6. The velvet of your dress is splendid! What a lovely outfit! Perfect for Autumn!

  7. That dress is sooo perfect !!

  8. I love this mustard yellow dress and it matches the sunflowers in the background perfectly. It was so nice of you to hold back from cutting a few for your home, and leaving them there for others to enjoy. I hope you get well soon, by the way!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  9. I love the mustard colour on you, it is one of my favourites to wear.


  10. SUNFLOWERS! They are by far one of my fav. flowers. That shot with the butterfly in the middle of the flower is BEAUTIFUL!!

    ♡ Carina - Blog // YouTube

  11. These pictures are beautiful! Sunflowers are so pretty. I love your bag as well.

  12. Lovely. How fun to have a velvet dress in Mustard!


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